About Us

The Polden Post magazine was first published in December 1993 and the first issue was free thanks to a grant from the Polden Hill Footpath Committee. The villages covered then were Burtle, Catcott, Chilton Polden, Edington, Moorlinch, Stawell and Sutton Mallet.

The price for a 12 page issue was 35p or a year subscription would cost £3.80. In January 1999 the price for a 16 page issue was increased to 40p per copy and a subscription cost £4 for a year, then in January 2003 the price for a 20 page issue rose again to 50p per copy or £5 for the year. The cost has not changed since but it is now a full 32 pages each month with colour on the cover for Christmas, special occasions and digital PDF copies!

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